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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Kingston trio

Jesse james
de Kingston trio
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G                   C                                        D
When Jesse James was a lad he killed many-a man. He robbed the Glendale train. 
          G                      C                        G         D               G              
And the people they did say for many miles away. It was robbed by Frank and Jesse James. 
       C                     G                                              D 
Poor Jesse had a wife who mourned for his life, three children, they were brave. 
           G                      C                       G         D            G
But that dirty little coward who shot Mister Howard has laid poor Jesse in his grave. 
It was on a Saturday night if I remember right when they robbed that Glendale train. 
It was one of the Younger boys who gathered in the spoils and he carried Jesse's monies away. 
He was standin' on a chair just a-dustin' pictures there. He thought he heard a noise (Yeah, what did he do?) 
When he turned his head around, why that bullet smacked him down and it laid poor Jesse on the floor. 
Jesse robbed from the poor and he gave to the rich. He never did a friendly thing. 
And when his best friend died he was right there by her side and he lifted off her golden wedding ring. 
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