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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Depeche mode

de Depeche mode
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Still DM's greatest torch song. The one currently posted is wrong - 
this is straight from the sheet music.

{st:Depeche Mode (M.L. Gore)}

I want someb[G]ody to share, share the rest of my life 
share my [Am]innermost thoughts know my [D7]intimate details 
someone who'll [G]stand by my side and give me support 
and [Am]in return she'll get [D7]my support 
she will l[Cmaj7]isten to me when [G/B]I want to speak 
about the wo[Am7]rld we live in and li[C]fe in general 
though my v[C]iews may be wrong they may e[G/B]ven be perverted 
she'll h[Am7]ear me out and won't [C]easily be converted 
to m[G]y way of thinking in fact she'll [C]often disagree 
at the [G]end of it all she will u[Em]nderstand me

Ahh... [C] [D] [G]

I want someb[G]ody who cares for me passionately
with ev[Am]ery thought and with every br[D7]eath
someone who'll he[G]lp me see things in a different light
all the [Am]things i detest i will almost l[D7]ike
I don't wa[Cmaj7]nt to be tied to an[G/B]yones strings
I ca[Am7]refully try to stay clear of th[C]ose things
but wh[C]en I'm asleep, i want somebo[G/B]dy
who will p[Am7]ut their arms around me kiss me ten[C]derley
though th[G]ings like this, make me si[C]ck
in a ca[G]se like this
I'll get a[Em]way with it

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