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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Brandon rhyder

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I can't hang on
de Brandon rhyder
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Capo 4 
G                 D/F#                            Em         C 
Molly Jane is 23, shes graduating from college today, after five long years 
G                             D/F#                          Em                C9  
Shes ready to be on her own, go out and have a little fun, and not answer to anyone 
C9                         C/B       
Make no mistake about it, she still thinks of him 
    C9                              D 
But right now shes wondering where he is 

             G           D/F# 
He said move on, I cant hang on 
            Em                       C9 
If you wont meet me in the middle on solid ground 
               G              D/F#  
Tell me whats wrong, give me something I can work on 
       Em                                    C9              G 
But if all youve got is you need some time alone, I cant hang on  
Molly Jane is finding out that life all alone, is highly overrated 

Every guy she goes out with, she compares to him , and she knows that thats not fair 

She wants so bad to call him , shes staring at the phone 

But shes afraid to find out, that hes already gone 
C9                              G        
She dials up his number like shes done a million times 
     Bb                          G 
But another voice answers on the other end of the line 
           C9                        G 
It was the voice of Becky Martin, Molly Janes ex-best friend 
             Bb                           A 
You see when Molly moved out, Becky moved in 
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