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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Margaret becker

All that i am
de Margaret becker
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D          A/C#      D        A/C# 
{ / / / / }{ / / / / }{ / / / / }{ / / / / } 
 Bm7          D/A              E 
{ / / / / }{ / / / / }{ / / / / }{ / / / / } 
D              A/C# 
No one ever gave me a love so fine 
D                     A/C# 
That gently heals my heart one piece at a time 
Bm7                         D/A 
That takes each jagged edge and every crooked line 
And smoothes them to life 
Well no one ever gave me a love so sweet 

That tips my heart to drink when I'm fainting from the heat 

That wraps my aching wounds in strips of mercy 

So tenderly 
Is there anyone who can compare? 
F#m2         D A/C#    Bm7 
All that I am    and all that I will be 
   G                   Em 
I place in Your hands, I rest at Your feet 
F#m2         D A/C#  Bm7                  F#m      ( E ) 
All of my life, indebted I will be to You 
No one ever moved me quite the way You do 

And just like Jericho I'm vulnerable to You 

And though You know the way to break me in two 

You never do 

Is there anyone who can compare? 

G#7sus                C#m 
Silver and gold, treasure they may be 
D                       G 
Some would die for them but they don't mean that much to me 
     A/C#                      F#m 
Cause only You can give a love that satisfies the soul 
Bm7                             E 
Sees the darkness of my heart and still won't let me go 

Is there anyone who can compare? 
Chorus (short) 
   F#m2            D A/C#  Bm7            D 
...All of my life, indebted I will be 
repeat Chorus (short) and fade © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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