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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Elton john

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My father's gun
de Elton john
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Intro:   |   Eb   |   Ab/Eb   |   Eb   |   Ab/Eb   |   Eb   |  

     Eb            Ab/Eb         Gm7
From this day on I own my father's gun.
Cm                 Cm/Bb             Ab
We dug his shallow grave beneath the sun.

Bb                     G/B   Cm           Eb/Bb    Ab
I laid his broken body down  -  below the southern line.
Db                Cm        Ab                  Bb7
It wouldn't do to bury him  -  where any Yankee stands.

Eb                          Ab/Eb          Gm7
I'll take my horse and I'll ride the northern plain.
Cm                        Cm/Bb                     Ab
To wear the colour of the greys and join the fight again.
Bb                    G/B   Cm              Eb/Bb      Ab
I'll not rest until I know  -  the cause is fought and won.
     Db             Cm         Ab                       Eb
From this day on, until I die,    I'll wear my father's gun.

G                          Cm        Bbm(sus)     Ab
I'd like to know where the riverboat sails  to - night.

G7                  Cm          Bbm(sus)     Ab
To New Orleans well that's just fine   al - right.
                F                     Bb            G/B   G   Cm   Bbm
'Cause there's fighting there and the company needs men.
   Ab                 Bb                 |   Db/Eb * Eb *   |   Eb7 Ab/Eb Eb *   |  
So slip us a rope and sail on round the  bend.

Eb                 Ab   /Eb      Gm7
As soon as this is over we'll go home.
Cm                    Cm/Bb          Ab
To plant the seeds of justice in our bones.
Bb                        G/B  Cm             Eb/Bb Ab
To watch the children growing  -  and see the women sewing.
            Db                Cm               Ab      Eb
There'll be laughter when the bells of freedom ring.
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