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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Elvis presley

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This is the story
de Elvis presley
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Standard Tuning (Capo 1)

Intro - A

A                       E                           F 
   I play the song,   that was our own.   Your photographs by
       C    A                       D           Bm                       E   A
my side.    I know I can't forget you,      so I don't even try.    A note
          E                    F                                 C    A
you left is in my hand,   I read again what you say.    You're sorry
              D        Bm                              E
but you love him ,      and you both gone away
                             A         D             C#m                 F#m
Refrain-This is the story of man, who's world has fallen apart,
D           A                  E                A
and it's the story, that is breaking my heart.

An open fire, a favorite chair, I get a book from the shelf.  But

the words I am reading, could apply to myself.  (refrain)

Transcribed by Daniel J. Langa

Inherit the Wind

Standard tuning

Note:  Play this song in the key it's written for the original version.  Use 

a Capo 1 to play the version from the Collectors Gold album , which is a live 

version of this song from 1969.


E                         F#m             B                           E
   Baby don't fall in love with me,   I'll only bring you grief.
E                              F#m            B                         E
   Baby don't set your heart on me,    I'll only have to leave.
            A             E                       A                E
Refrain-Because the north winds flows through my veins.  Like
                            A               E                 C#m             
my dad there's a dream in my brain.  In the morning I'll have to
         F#m                    A                  E                       D
leave again, well that's how it is when you,  inherit the wind,
                 E         B
inherit the wind
Daddy he was a traveling man.  I hardly knew his face.
Mama she cried for him at night, he never stayed in one place
Well I can't give you the love you need.  You just won't be here
that long.  But if you still want me here tonight, I'll love you till
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