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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Tim mcgraw

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If you're reading this
de Tim mcgraw
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D                   A             
If you’re reading this and my mama’s sitting there   
      Bm                        G  
Looks like I only got a one-way ticket over here  
D                          A   
Sure wish I could give you one more kiss   
Bm                                 G  
War was just a game we played when we were kids  
          Em7                    Bm7  
Well I’m laying down my gun I’m hanging up my boots   
G                                   A  
I’m up here with God and we’re both watching over you…  

Refrão -------------
    G   A  Bm   G                             A           
So lay me down in that open field out on the edge of town   
    G    A  Bm      G                                A  
And know my soul is where my mama always prayed that it would go   
If you’re reading this  
A                D                
I’m already home…   
G    A  

          D                     A               
If you’re reading this half way round the world   
  Bm                                    G  
I won’t be there to see the birth of our little girl  
           D                                A  
I hope she looks like you I hope she fights like me   
    Bm                         G  
And stands up for the innocent and the weak  
    Em7                Bm7  
I’m laying down my gun I’m hanging up my boots   
     G                         A  
Tell dad I don’t regret that I followed in his shoes…   

repeat Chorus  

A   D      A  

          D                          A  
If you’re reading this there’s gonna come a day   
     Bm                                       G  
When you’ll move on and find someone else and that’s okay  
       D                    A  
Just remember this I’m in a better place   
      Bm                                G            A  
Where soldiers live in peace and angels sing amazing grace…  

repeat Chorus   

If you’re reading this…   
If you’re reading this -   
                  D  G   A  D  
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