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Wings of reality
de Angra
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Intro:E , B , C , G , D , E , B , C , D , E

Day by day
D                      A   E
Wheels keep turning around

And everynight
D               C#m
Many restless creatures
longing for the dawn
To heal away
D              A
Their eternal pain...
B         C#       D
Hope the saints arrive
  E          F#m
Bringng the signs
     G              A
Of treasures to be found
 B      C#    D
Now we walk alone
    E             F#m
And we've got to know
     G            A
The secrets all around
E             B
Breaking our hearts of stone,
C            D
Tasting our lives,
 E           C        B
Setting us free to decide...
  E         B
"Wings of Reality,
 C       G          D
Take me higher and higher
E            B
Show me the way to be
  C     D          E
Free forever with you...
I guess I've found my way
C     G             D
Everyday growing stronger
E        B
So many words to say,
C         D        E
So many things to do..."
Em                             Bm
The ghosts get closer to my fears
   Em                        Am
A beast has awakened here inside...
               C            Em
All we don't know, nobody knows!
D            Am     C               Bm
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