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Nothin' but the taillights
de Clint black
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Intro: G 

Verse 1: 
( G )           D        C               G 
Blue Kentucky highway, headin' for the line 
                  D                       C                         G 
She hadn't said a word all night, but the wheels are turning in her mind 
                 C                                   G 
Now I was ridin' shotgun, and I knew things had gone awry 
Just as soon as she dropped me off at the side of the road 
And she let that gravel fly 
( D )                    G 
Now I'm walking in the moonlight 
Seein' nothin' but the taillights 
G                Em 
That's a pair of taillights 
      A         D 
I may never see again 
She hit me with a left and right 
Showin' me nothin' but the taillights 
G               Em          A  
That's about as lonely as a highway has ever been 
C                 D                G 
Back here with my thumb out in the wind 
Verse 2: 
( G )                     D           C                     G 
Was it something that I did to her, or the things I never said 
                D           C              G 
I wonder if the way we were was only in my head 
                      C                                 G 
Now if I even make it back to town before the sun comes up 
I'm gonna hit every parking spot around 
'Till I find that pickup truck 
Repeat Chorus 
( G )       C 
Well I'll bet right now she's laughin' at how 
She brought me to my knees 
        C                                       D 
But she won't be laughin' half as loud when she gives me back my keys 
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