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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Frank zappa

Uncle remus
de Frank zappa
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Dm      Dm/C                  G7/B  G7/Bb 
Whoa, are we moving too slow?  
Gm                  Bb       Gm         Bb 
Have you seen us,       Uncle Remus? 
F                         C7        
We look pretty sharp in these clothes (yes, we do) 
Dm                       G7       
Unless we get sprayed with a hose 

F                  A 
It ain't bad in the day       If they squirt it your way 
Dm                      G7       
'cept in the wintah, when it's froze 
G7                       Dm       
And it's hard if it hits, on your nose (on your nose) 
Just keep your nose 
To the grindstone they say 
Will that redeem us, uncle reemus?  
I can't wait til mah 'fro is full grown 
I'll just throw away my doo-rag at home 
I'll take a drive to 
Beverly hills 
Just before dawn 
And knock the little jockeys 
Off the rich peoples lawn 
And before they get up 
I'll be gone 
(I'll be gone) 
Before they get up 
I'll be knockin' the jockeys off the lawn 
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