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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Elton john

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I can't steer my heart clear of you
de Elton john
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Introdução: Ab Gb9 Ab Gb9

Ab                   Gb9
  Take me for granted, I think that I could stand it
  After all these rough seas
  Left me reckless and abandoned
Gb9                       Db
  Say the spirits willing, chance a new beginning
B               B/D#
  Break down the cold front
  Give me peace and understanding
         C#m            G#m
  And you wait, and you wonder
              A                                 E
  Will she still beat the drum and bring the thunder
              B                 C#m           C#m/B
  Will she still be the star to see me through 
             A                           Am7  Am6
  'Cause I can't steer my heart clear of you

        E                    D9
  No I can't steer my heart clear of you
            C          G/B       Am       Am/G
  It's the way it's been, ever since you sailed
        C              B4      B7
  Out of a storm and into view
         Em                     Em/D              C
  And should I drift away, the compass holds the clue
  You control the weather
        Bb/D                          C
  And I can't steer my heart clear of you

  Make me your penance, show me your innocence
  Everything is history
  From the aching to the pleasure
  We enjoy the torture, the slow pain that it taught us
  Everything gets twisted
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