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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Duran duran

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Poptrash movie
de Duran duran
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Pop Trash Movie Chords by Duran Duran,  
Pop Trash Movie by Duran Duran 
The title song from the great album Pop Trash 
Tabbed by Nigel Flood ( ) 
Am      Ab      G      Em      G      E 

G                              Em       
Saw a close up of your pretty face  
G             E 
Overnight  sensation  
D               C 
Smiling for cameras  
     Am                  Em 
From all around the world  
G                  Em 
If I rewind back to yesterday  
G               E 
And stop the tape there  
D                      C 
No one knew who you were  
Am                  Em 
But now they're at your door  
F     C            G          D 
I'm living in a pop trash movie  
F           C          G       Am 
We star together in every scene  
F              C              G             D 
We'll all be famous for those fifteen minutes  
F         C       D 
Part of a celluloid dream   

2nd Verse 
G                  Em 
Watching slow-mo going frame-by-frame  
G                    E  
Might have blurred my vision  
D                   C 
Your life went flashing by  
Am                Em 
Where did it all go wrong?   
Chorus as before 
Dm            Bb 
I'll wait in the wings for you  
F            Am 
I'll read your lines to you  

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Fm                C                Fm               Am 
But now the script is final you know, it's time to go  
Ab                  G      Em      G       E 
So we'll have to say goodbye  
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