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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Eddy raven

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Go against the wind
de Eddy raven
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Intro:  G  Em  G  Em 

G                  Em 
Met a girl, out in Monterray
        Am          C            G 
She had raven hair, and eyes for me
She kissed me soft, oh but she loved me hard
    Am                          D 
She tried to make me something, I could never be 
      Now, there's an airplane on the runway
      That's me on my way out
        Am               D                 G 
      Heading for some place, I've never been
      And I never said goodbye
      I never stopped to wonder why
        Am                  D              G 
      Sometimes, you just go against the wind 
    G                               Em
Now some guys, they always take the easy way
           Am             C             G 
They never rock the boat, never make no waves
But me...I never could see it like that
         Am                    D 
Life's a little too short - to play it so safe 
Repeat Chorus 
Am                  D
 I'm just a dreamer travellin' light 
Am                   D
 Another rebel, on a one-way flight 
G Em
Screamin' through the night 
Runnin' from the one I love 
               G         Em
Runnin' from a real love  
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