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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Elton john

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Live like horses
de Elton john
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Intro : Ab/Db / / /     Gb/Db / / /     Ab/Db / / /     Gb/Db / / / 
Ab/Db                Ebm/Db          Ab/Db                          Ebm/Db 
I can't control this flesh and blood   -   that's wrapped around my bones. 
                           Bbm            Ebm     Absus   Ab 
It moves beneath me like a river into the great unknown. 
Ab/Db              Ebm/Db       Ab/Db                      Ebm/Db 
I stepped onto the moving stairs  -  before I could tie my shoes. 
                                  Bbm                    Ebm      Ab7sus 
Pried a harp out the fingers of a renegade who lived and died the blues. 
        Ab               Bbm          Gb                          Ab7sus 
And his promise made was never clear,    it just carved itself in me. 
Ab  Absus  /       Ab     Bbm                 Gb               Ab7sus 
    All I saw was frost inside my head on the night he said to me. 
Ab            Db        Ab/C          Bbm                     Ab/C 
Someday we'll live like horses.  Free rein from your old iron fences. 
                       Gb                 Db/Ab 
There's more ways than one to regain your senses. 
              Gb/Bb            Ab7/C  Fm/C  Db  {see below} 
Break out the stalls and we'll live   like horses.  
1: Db ../   ....   Ab/C ../   Bbm ../   Ebm/Gb / Ab / 
2: Db            Ab/C        Bbm 
   horses - some day.   Free rein  {play rest of chorus) 
3: Db ../   Bbm/Db / Gb/Db /   Db 
Ab/Db                    Ebm/Db     Ab/Db                       Ebm/Db 
We're the victims of the heartbreak   -   that kept us short of breath. 
                              Bbm               Ebm    Absus   Ab 
Trapped above these bloodless streets without a safety net. 
Ab/Db              Ebm/Db        Ab/Db                     Ebm/Db 
I stood in line to join the trial  -  one more customer of fate. 
                                    Bbm                Ebm                Ab7sus 
Claimed a spoke in the wheel of the wagon train on the road to the Golden Gate. 
       Ab                  Bbm           Gb                      Ab7sus 
On the flat cracked desert I jumped ship.  It just made sense to me. 
Ab   Absus      /          Ab    Bbm              Gb             Ab7sus 
I've spent too long in the belly of the beast and now I shall be free. 
{Repeat Chorus} © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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