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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Elvis presley

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Gentle on my mind
de Elvis presley
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Gentle on my Mind 

     G                                G7 
It's knowing that your door is always open 
         G               Am 
and your path is free to walk, 
that makes me tend to leave my sleeping bag 
              D7                  G 
rolled up and stashed behind your couch. 
And it's knowing I'm not shackled 
by forgotten words and bonds 
        G                                     Am 
and the ink stains that have dried if on some line, 
that keeps you in the backroads 

by the rivers of my mem'ry 
      Am             D7          G 
that keeps you ever gentle on my mind. 

It's not clinging to the rocks and ivy 
planted on the columns now that binds me, 
or something that somebody said 
because they thought we fit together walking. 

It's just knowing that the world will not be cursing 
or forgiving when I walk along some railroad track 
and find that you are moving on the backroads 
by the rivers of my mem'ry 
and for hours you're just gentle on my mind. © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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