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Oh Oh I Love Her So
de Ramones
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Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 17:16:10 +0000
Subject: TAB: Oh oh I love her so by Ramones

I'm very sorry but when I put all the album ( Live Home ),
I took the wrong file, where this song was missing 

So, here it is

Any reply, comments or other could be sent to 


P.S. soon I will post other song: NOFX , RAMONES , BAD RELIGION , EXPLOITED , RA

P.S.S I'm searching for any kind of things about SID VICIOUS, if you have someth


                            OH OH I LOVE HER SO
                                by Ramones
                         from the album "Live Home"

[ LA  FA# ] x2

LA             FA#
I met her at the Burger King
We fell in love by the soda machine
RE            MI
So we took the car downtown
The kids were hanging out all around

LA                 FA#
Then we went down to Coney Island
On the coaster and around again
RE            MI
And no one's gonna ever tear us apart
Cause she's my sweetheart

FA#         MI
All night oh yeah

LA     RE        MI      
Oh oh I love her so
Oh oh I love her so
Oh oh I love her so

[ LA  RE LA ]

Oh oh I love her so
Oh oh I love her so
Oh oh I love her so

[ LA  RE  LA ]

Hanging out on a night like this
I'm gonna give her a great big kiss
I'm gonna make her mine
And everything's gonna be real fine

      [ Repeat all - except intro ]

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