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Sister disco
de Who
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Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 00:38:20 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: CRD: Sister_Disco by: Who

Sister Disco
By The Who
>From Who Are You, 1978
Written by Pete Townshend

transcribed by

Bdim7 x2313x or xx2323 or x1013x
D7/Eb xx1212
Ab7/A xx6767
G/A   x00033
D/A   x00232
A5    x02255
E5    022400
G5    3x0033

[note: outro approximate]

A5                               G/A D/A
As I walked through the hospital door
I was sewn up like a coat
I got a smile from the bite of the wind
Watched the fresh fall of snow

  G/A D/A G/A D/A

I knew then that my life took a turn
I felt strong and secure
And with adhesive tape over my nose
I felt almost demure

D  A5    E5     G
Goodbye, sister disco
With your flashing trash lamps
Goodbye, sister disco
And to your clubs and your tramps

G/A  D/A  G/A  D/A  G/A  D/A

D  A5    E5     G
Goodbye, sister disco
My dancing's left you behind
Goodbye, now you're solo
Black plastic deaf, dumb and blind

G/A  D/A  G/A  D/A  G/A  D/A

E       B*7

Goodbye, sister disco

Now I go

Dm             G             C       D7/Eb Ab7/A
I go where the music fits my soul

    E B*7                 Am    
And I,       I will never let go

I'll never let go

         Dm          E        
Till the echo of the street fight

Has dissolved

  A  D/A E/A ||  A  D/A E/A | A    D/A E/A ||


 G/A G/A       G/A G/A

  Cm                      G7sus4      G    
  I will chase nightmares and cold stormy seas

  Gm                    Dsus2     D 
  I will take over your grief and disease

  Dm                       Asus4        A
  I'll stay beside you and comfort your soul


  D7/Eb                   E5               Esus4 E
  When you are lonely and broken and old

    A      G  D   

Now I walk with a man in my face
A woman in my hair
I've got you all looking out through my eyes
My feet are a prayer

Goodbye, sister disco
with your flashing trash lamps
Goodbye, sister disco
And to your clubs and your tramps

[outro; free time -- approximate]






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