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Awful bliss
de Guided by voices
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Subject: CRD: 'Awful Bliss' by Guided by Voices
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 1995 21:17:27 -0500 (CDT)
From: "jeffnmoe" <>

		'Awful Bliss' by Guided by Voices
		   from the album 'Bee Thousand'

	standard tuning (EBGDAE) - the recorded versions guitar
	is tuned somewhat sharp (approx A450 instead of A440) so
	if you're playing along with the record, tune up to match...
	otherwise no one will notice.

	    chords (from low E to high E)
	   Am     x02210    Dsus2  xx0230
	   C      x32010    Dsus4  xx0233 
	   Csus2  x30010    Em     022000 
	   D      xx0232    G      320003
  	(intro: C-Csus2-C-Em-G)

	C           Em            D              G
	you chose a giant step    caught your eye
	           C                            Em 
	guaranteed sweetness   that you thought broken
                       D    Dsus4  D 
	and you were   not fine
	    Dsus2      C            Em       
	and bearing in mind   other ones
                            Am                   C
	that you could have wed    and hopefully dread
            G               Em
        and i    wouldn't   dare  to  
	C                  D    Dsus4  D
	bring out   this   awful bliss
           G              Em 
	no i   wouldn't   dare   to  
        C                  D  Dsus4  D
	bring out  your   awful bliss
           G            Em
	no i   wouldn't dare   to 
        C                 D     Dsus2  D
	bring out   this  awful  bliss 

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