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Girl dreams
de Beck
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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 1995 17:58:53 -0400
From: (Jarrett Frankel)

Song: "Girl Dreams" by Beck
>From the K Records album, One Foot In The Grave
Transcribed by: Jarrett Frankel (
with assistance from John McCain
Date: July 19, 1995

Yet another beautiful acoustic Beck tune, from his essential independent
release, One Foot In The Grave. It's a simple tune, so learn it quick and
impress the one you secrectly love(you can substitue "girl" with "boy" if
that's your gig, y'know?).  Maybe they'll love you for it.

(Standard tuning will work for this one, though I think it might be tuned
down a step. Try what ever works best.)

                       F#             A
You're just the girl of my dreams

            E                  G                     A  B    E
But it seems my dreams never come true

                   F#          A
You're just the girl of my dreams

            E          G                     A  B     E
But it seems my dreams never come true

F#               A                E
I first met you down on Lover's Lane

           G       A          B         E
The birds were insane  flapping all about

   F#               A   E                G
Softly you would sing swinging in your swing

 A            B           E
It wasn't night it wasn't day

(repeat chorus x2)

(silent refrain x2)

(repeat chorus x1)

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Thank you.

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