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TOP acordes y tablaturas de System of a down

Chop suey
de System of a down
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This is  what I think it is so far…I’m not quite sure about the opening but I am pretty sure about the main verse.  I use drop d when I’m playing but I read Damian Malakian plays drop c.   I don’t really know my power chord names to well so I’ll just make up my own.

F:                    B:		C:			    A:          G:	     E:
	E:  -x-		  -x-		        -x-			-x-	      -x-	      -x-
	B:  -x-		  -x-		        -x-			-x-	      -x-	      -x-
	G:  -x-		  -3-		        -5-			-x-	      -x-	      -x-
	D:  -5-		  -3-		        -5-			-4-	      -7-	      -8-
	A:  -5-		  -1-		        -3-			-4-	      -7-	      -8-
	D:  -5-		  -x-		        -x-			-4-	      -7-	      -8-

Intro (clean) :     B     C     F     A

The intro is done in a weird strumming fashion, its pretty quick and a slide 
type of deal going from B to C.  Just listen to the song and you can get a good 
idea.  Same thing with the next part.

Intro/Verse (distortion):  F    A    G    E

It sounds as though some parts are palm muted, and towards the actual verse each 
chord is only strummed once.

Verse:  It’s hard to tab this, especially with it being my first time and doing 
this on Microsoft word processor, but what I do is just palm mute the 7th fret 
and just slide it down to the fifth, once again listen to the song for the jist
 of it.

For the chorus just do the clean intro and pluck each string (I.e. D   A   D   A)
 within approximately the same timing and everything as if you were strumming.

I know this isn’t perfect but I thought I’d take a stab at tabbing since I kind 
of knew this one and I didn’t see it on the list © 2008 Acordes y Tablaturas para guitarra. Tabs and Chords for guitar. Aviso Legal - Contacto
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