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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Smashing Pumpkins

By Starlight
de Smashing Pumpkins
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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 00:11:52 -0500 (EST)
From: Richard Clay Santos 
Subject: By Starlight TAB

"By Starlight" is from the CD Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Written by William Corgan Jr.
Performed by The Smashing Pumpkins
Tabbed by Rich Santos of Baltimore Md.

Here is a tab. of 'By Starlight'. I've been waiting and waiting for 
someone else to do it, but no one did so.... This is the first song I've 
ever tabbed besides "Ride It On" by Mazzy so I hope it's close. This song 
is beautiful, quite "Lunaesque". It has some effects that make me think 
there may be some 
keyboard on that swelling part that the song fades in with. During the 
verses, you can play any high string of the chord and it will sound nice. I 
didn't tab every little fill, but it's a pretty open song so...have fun:

Chords come in with

D   A   C   G

All effects cut off-

(D) By starlight I'll (A) kiss you and (C) promise to (G) be your one and 

(D) only.

I'll make you feel (A) happy (C) and leave you to (G) be lost in my eyes.

(Dii) And where do we (Aii) go?

(Cii) What do we do (Gii)

Soon said (A) I....We'll (D) know.


Dead eyes, Dead eyes are you just like me?......Vacant as the sea...

(D) Dead eyes, (A) Dead eyes, (C) Are you just like (G) me?
(D) Her eyes, (A) Her eyes (C) were as vacant as the (G) sea..yeah
(D) Dead eyes, (A) Dead eyes (C) Are you just like (G) me?

sounds in........

(G) And all (A) along, we (C) knew we'd carry (G) on,
(C) Just to (A) belong.....

(D) By starlight I (A) know you as (C) lonely as a (G) wish granted
(D) true. My life has been (A) empty, my (C) life has been un(G)true...

sounds in ........

(G) does she really (A) know (C) who I really (G) am?
Does she really (A) know me?..........piano....

At (D)last................


(A) (C) Are you just like (G) me

RIFF 1 With Same Chords as before:

Dead eyes, Dead eyes are you just like me?
Her eyes, here eyes were as vacant as the seas, yeah.
Dead eyes, dead eyes are you just like me?

And are you just like me?

Repeat D-A-C-G chord progression underneath with sounds and later add 
this riff which I'm not too sure about:


Well there it is...I hope it helps..comments, corrections are welcome. 
Chords below:

D      A      C      G     D(ii)   A(ii)    C(ii)   G(ii)
-5-   -X-    -3-    -3-    -3-     -X-      -3-     -X-
-7-   -X-    -5-    -3-    -5-     -3-      -5-     -3-
-7-   -6-    -5-    -4-    -5-     -4-      -5-     -4-
-7-   -7-    -5-    -5-    -O-     -5-      -5-     -5-
-5-   -7-    -3-    -5-    -X-     -5-      -X-     -5-
-X-   -5-    -X-    -3-    -X-     -X-      -X-     -X-

E mail =


Correction on final riff.......

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