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de Soundgarden
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Subject: Soundgarden Bass TAB (go hiro, get busy...)
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From: (Christopher Kush)
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1992 09:44:59 GMT
Sender: (Usenet on news.acns)
Organization: Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois.
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To the poster requesting Soundgarden...

I have worked out basslines for several Soundgarden songs.  Some I know are
right, and the rest I kinda gleaned by copping the guitar lick.  (Many
Soundgarden basslines are just the guitar riff an octave down.  Produces that
super-heavy wall-of-sound effect...)

These I'm reasonably sure of:

"Gun:" (in 4/4) -- Tune down to D, and then...

  | e e e e e e e e | e e e e e e e e | e e e e e e q | e e e e e e q  |

"Power Trip:" (Triplet in 4/4) -- Plain E tuning.

  | q e.s q q |      | q e.s q. e.|
A-:-----5-7---|  (main riff)  |-----5-7----| (hang phrase-the q. is really
E-:-0-5-----5-|               |-0-5------5-|  q+1/3, not q+1/2)

"Loud Love:" (4/4) -- Plain E tuning.

  | s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s |

"Outshined:" -- Down to D again.


"Get On the Snake:" -- Plain E tuning. 

  | e e e q e q

"Room a Thousand Years Wide:" (6/4) -- Tune down to D...

  | e e e e q q   e e e |
G-:---------------2-2-2-|  (I realize it doesn't add up to 6, but trust me--
D-:-0-0-0-0-0-2-0-------|   ride the open D until it fits, and then play
                            the other notes. It *is* in 6)

On the two where I haven't included time, it's because I can't quite figure it
out.  Give the songs a listen and the notes will fall into place on their own.

If anyone out there knows any others (especially "Big Dumb Sex," "Flower,"
"Hunted Down," "HIV Baby," "Nothing to Say," or "I Awake,") *please* let me

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_@_|_._| computer systems / programming, industrial research laboratory
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