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To be-someone
de Jam
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from: Christian Korbanka, Cologne, Germany
lyrics and chords of: To Be Someone (Didn´t We Have A Nice Time?) by The Jam

Suggestions and corrections are always welcome!
date: 95/10/15

A                                       Asus4
To be someone must be a wonderful thing
A famous footballer or rocksinger
      D          Bm        E                     A
Or a big filmstar, yes I think I would like that

A                                Asus4
To be rich and have lots of fans
Have lots of girls to prove that I'm a man
        D   Bm E                 A    E  A  E  A
And be No. 1 - and liked by everyone

A                                         Asus4
Getting drugged up with my trendy friends
They really dig me and I dig them
          D           Bm    E           Fis
And the bread I spend - is like my fame - it's quickly diminished

            D                      A
And there's no more swiming in a guitar shaped pool
D                        A
No more reporters at my back and call
D                      A
No more cocaine, it's only ground chalk
D                        A
No more taxis now we'll have to walk

      E               A
But didn't we have a nice time -
  E               A
Didn't we have a nice time
     E               G
Oh wasn't it such a fine time

A                                       Asus4
I realize should have stuck to my guns
Instead shit out be one of the bastard sons
     D      Bm    E                        Fis
And lose myself - I know it was wrong - but it's cost me a lot

            D                           A
And there's no more drinking after the club shuts down
     D                       A
I'm now at my arse with the rest of the clowns
D                                     A
It's really frightening without a bodyguard
D                          A
So I stay confined to my lonely room

      E               A
But didn't we have a nice time -
  E               A
Didn't we have a nice time
     E               G
Oh wasn't it such a fine time

A                                       Asus4  A
To be someone must me a wonderful thing
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