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Nice To Be Out
de Stereophonics
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‘Nice to be out’ by the Stereophonics (b-side)

This is on the Pick a Part That’s New single

C:   032010
C+9: 032030
Am:  X02210
F*:  332010

Capo 3


Verse 1:-
C                             C+9
He asked me so well how’ve you been?
C                      C+9
Let me think,     now let me see
I was stood once where Hitlers feared

Stood ,   when he made a speech
C                C+9
In  Nuremburg in 38
C                           C+9
When he tried to build a perfect race
He said black men,   they, 
don’t belong, alongside our perfect sons

Verse 2:-
Its Dallas to the library
The place they ended Kennedy
We stood where Oswald took his shot
In my opinion there’s a bigger plot
Costners back and two good left
The picket fence,   the better bed
Paris came and summer went 
The tunnels now a flower bed

Verse 3:-
The famous turf that made Jeff Hurst
The vodka stops to quench my thirst
Golden gate, stroke, Alcatraz
The fat man failed to get us past
Its Jimmy’s corner and raging bull
De’ Niro’s jokes and bottled pills
Elvis tales from Mr Wood
You would be Richard Burton if you could

Verse 4:-
A tourist there a tourist stopped
One more picture, one more god
Another top-up for a change
It makes you think, it makes you sane
Talking more about yourself
Theres a mirror too,   have a check
Cheques are always passing through
Some depart, but a lot come to

Verse 5:-
Resteraunt talk or pick your teeth
Bite your tounge or chewy meat
Sleep to drink or drink to sleep
One more week and we’re away
Talk of what we havn’t done 
since we departed back a month
We argue while we have to shout 
All in all its nice to be out

Think some of the words are wrong but close enough. 
Also, these chords don’t fit in exactly but I like it this way.
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