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Sometimes I Make You Sad
de Supergrass
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Supergrass - Sometimes I Make You Sad

- Tabbed by Mike Flynn

The chords for this song are quite abstract, but aren't that difficult.
 Gm-xxx333          Db-xxx664           Ab-xx6544          Fm-xxx111
 C-xxx553           C7-xxx556          Em-xxx987           Bm-xxx887
 B-xxx877            Dm7-xxx565        Cm-xxx543          D7-xxx212
Intro: Gm      Db  Ab  Fm      C      Gm      Db  Ab  Fm      C      C7      
Em                                Bm    B                         Dm7
Shut out the world you can do it, Then let me climb in  -  side,
Em                               Bm        B                         Dm7
There's only one way you can do it, just let your mind un  -  wind,
Db                      Cm                       Fm                             
So to the world I say hello,but the people don't care, cause there's nothin' out
  Gm                              Db       Ab     Fm             C
Once there was a boy, Who spent days all alone in a row  -  ing boat,
    Gm               Db           Ab       Fm                     C             
Living in Rome, Set sail for the sea, get back on this song, get back on.
Em                                       Bm      B                   Dm7
Young Love we'll have to get through it, sometimes I make you sad,
Em                                 Bm        B                        Dm7
Stamp out the beat so you can do it, it's like the world we share,
Db                           Cm                     Fm                          
And when the curtain falls on you, the people don't care, cause there's nothing 
(The next 20 secs. of acoustic guitar were impossible to work out. 
It starts out on the base strings around the 5th or 6th fret and moves 
down a few strings to about the 14th or 15th frets or something. I think 
you'll find if you play the verse chords over it that it doesn't sound 
totally out of place but of course it's not the same as Mr. Coombes' attempt.)
Em                   Bm      B                    Dm7
La,          la,     la,          la,     la,     laaaaaaaaaaaaa,
Em                   Bm      B                    Dm7
La,          la,     la,         la,      la,    laaaaaaaaaaaaa,
Db                        Cm                             Fm                     
And not a word I've said is true, but the people don't care cause there's nothin
        C   D
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