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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Sweet matthew

Reaching out
de Sweet matthew
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The actual chord is Dminor with a diminished fifth, D minor will do just as
well. To do the real one, you need to make the D minor shape, but move the
finger on the G string down to the first fret (Ab not A) It occurs in the
song proper too, so I'll label this D* and you can play whichever. If you
strum it 3 times then remove your pinkie from the E string, pick that and
then pick the B string (note should be D) then play an A chord. There you
have the intro. Play that 3 times then play an F power chord 8 times then
slide up to G and play that thrice.

SONG PROPER - at this point you're still on G.

       A             F   E
You've counted every star
                A     (a sus)
That you could imagine
A                    F              Em    
Broken when everyone took you for a fool
It gave you a reason
A/B C/G           D7               Em F
To find something strong enough to feel
                 Em            F
You're reaching out (reaching out)
                 Em            F
You're reaching out (reaching out)
                 F G A (A7, A7Sus4) 
You're reaching out


Beaten by a child
You can't even know when
Now you can never be free from what was done
You can't even hate them
You'll find something big enough to steal
You're reaching out (reaching out)
You're reaching out (reaching out)
You're reaching out

D*               A
  And if I can't know you
D*                A
All my dreams are through
D*           A                    F
Every waking hour is filled with lead
I'm dead


I'm dead.

There. Simple Eh? A few tips. The A/B is an A with the finger taken off the
D string and put on the B to give a B root. It's not strictly necessary, but
it helps step up to the C/G, and you can just pluck the B note.
The C/G is simply a C with the E string fingered at the third fret too. It's
just the way I always play C chords, and isn't necessary either.

The A sus and so on in brackets are suggeastions for optional 'twiddly bits'
to help give the song that Robert Quine vibe. I think it also sounds nice if
you play the F chords by hooking your thumb over the top, and gripping the
neck with a fist. That way you can leave the little E string unfingered and
it sounds really cool, especially on the slide up to G. If you then slide up
to A you need th press the E down too though, 'cos that doesn't sound as
very good without.

If playing open G chords, try the finger on the thrid fret of the B string too.

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