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Fool For Your Loving
de Whitesnake
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: Markus Jakobsson ENGE 
Subject: TAB:'Fool For Your Loving'-Whitesnake

Here is some more Whitesnake Tab for you.NOTE: I did not tab this, IVO did(see
cut here

                      FOOL FOR YOUR LOVING  by  Whitesnake
                      From the Album Cheap'n'nasty (Steve Vai's version)
 Tabbed by IVO (
 I couldn't tab the details, but this one can be taken as a good basis if one 
 has no idea how to play this song. The same goes to the solo.  Listen to the
 song to get the feel and  where's  not  indicated,  there  are  two  guitars
 arranged for one.
 Symbols used:                                           T
 p  - pull off          A.H. - Artificial harmonic     (12 ...) - tapped note
 b  - half bend         B    - full bend
 /  - slide upward          - slide downward
 PM - palm mute         h    - hammer on
  MAIN PART                                           A.H.
 |--------5--7p5-----5--5--7---------5--7p5--5-5----|------7B (w/ whammy bar)|
  This is played four times (except for the whammy thing which is played only
  once). By the third time it is changed slightly, like below.
 PART 2 (2x) [don't know how to call this]
  BRIDGE                 SOLO
 |---------------------|--17--------------------/17--8B----8---8 p 5--7-----|
 |------97--54-------|--17--5------97/12/14--/17----hold bend--------7---|
 |------------12b-12p10h12---15B 15p13----15-----------------------~~~-------|
 |-7B-7p5--7-|play 3 times|------------14------/17p16p14--/16p12--0-------0--|
 |-[play it twice]---(12-9p7p5h7h9)-----T------------------------------------|
 |-------------------[play it twice]---(12-9p7p5h7h9)------------------------|
 |-------------------------------------[play it twice]---12-8-7-5-7-8--------|
 Lyrics and Chords
 (With the main part)                     
I was born under a bad sign            | I always end up crying
Let out in the cold                    | A fool for your loving no more
I'm a lonely man who knows             | I'll be a fool for your loving no more
Just it means                          |              (BRIDGE)
to lose control                        | 
                                          (With the main part)
 but I took all the heartache           | I'm tired of hiding my feelings
 and turned into the shame              | You left me lonely for too long
 Now I'm movin' movin' on               | I gave my heart and you tore it apart
 and I can't take the blame             | Oh baby you done me wrong
 (With part 2)                            (With part 2)
 don't come runnin' to me               | Don't come running to me
 I know I've done all I can             | I know I've done all I can
 A hard loving woman like you           | A hard loving woman like you
 just makes a hard loving man           | Just makes a hard loving man
 so I can say it to you babe            | So I can say it to you baby
 (With Chorus)                            (With chorus)
I'll be a fool for your loving no more | I'll be a fool for your loving no more
a fool for your loving no more         | A fool for your loving no more         
 I'm so tired of trying                 | I'm so tired of trying
                                        | I always end up crying
                                        | a fool for your ...(etc.)
 Please don't flame me for mistakes. If you have comments please email me.
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