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Bummer in the summer
de Love
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                         "Bummer In The Summer"
                              (Arthur Lee)


	(D)     E    G/D  E     G/D  E   G   A 
	 /      /   /   /   /      /   /   /   /

	(acoustic guitar, 2X; continue into verse):

	 D               C
	 v       v       v       v        

Verse 1:

	          D                       C
	Well I remember when you used to look so good
	       D                     C                  D   C   D   C
	And I did everything that I possibly could for you
	            D               C
	We used to ride around all over town
	             D                    C                D   C   D   C
	But they're puttin' you down for bein' around with me
	            E               G/D  E
	But you can go ahead if you want to
	  G/D      E       G         A   D   C   D   C 
	'Cause I ain't got no papers on you

Verse 2:

	In the middle of the summer I had a job bein' a plumber
	Just to pass till the fall it was you I wanna ball all day
	Ah-we were walkin' along, honey, hand in hand
	I'm a-thinkin' of you, mama, when you're thinkin' of another man
	But you can go ahead if you want to
	'Cause I ain't got no papers on you
	(No, I don't   I ain't got no papers on myself)

Break ("Bo Diddley" beat):

	D    G   D    C   D    G   D    C
	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

[repeat intro]

	(guitar solo over D-C intro riff [8X])

Verse 3:

	All alone on the bone when I didn't have a home
	When I saw the way I was and I knew where I was supposed to be
	I was twitchin' so I turned and it's really hard to learn
	That everyone I saw was just another part of me
	But you can go ahead if you want to
	'Cause nobody's got no papers on you
	(No, babe, it's just a falsehood)

[repeat break]

[repeat intro; end cold on D]

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