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With A Little Help From My Friends
de Beatles
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with a little help from my friends

E      B/D#   F#m/C# F#m    B7     B      A      D      F#    C#m
0      #      2      2      2      2      0      2      2     4
0      4      2      2      0      4      2      3      2     5  
1      4      2      2      2      4      2      2      3     6
2      4      4      4      1      4      2      0      4     6
2      6      4      4      2      2      0      #      4     4
0      #      #      2      #      #      #      #      2     #


C    D     E
b i l l y  s h e e r s



E              B/D#      F#m/C#        F#m
what would you think if i sang out of tune

                         B7       E
would you stand up and walk out on me

             B             F#m    
lend me your ears and ill sing you a song 

                       B7         E
and ill try not to sing out of key oh i get by


D                A                E
with a little help from my friends oh i get high

D                A                E
with a little help from my friends mm gonna try

A                                 E        B7
with a little help from my friends  (riff)


E                B           F#m         
(2)what do you   do when my love is away
(3)would you   believe in a love at first sight 

                       B7                E
does it worry you to   be            alone
yes im certain that it happens all the time

            B                 F#m
how do you  feel by the       end of the day
what do you see when you      turn out the light

                          B7            E
are you sad because youre on own your own no i get by
i cant tell you but i     know its mine


        C#m     F#    E        D           A
do you need anybody i need somebody to love

         C#m    F#    E         D          A
could it be anybody i want some body to love


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