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Justified by beauty
de Ivy wall
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"The Rodent's Apprentice"
By The Ivy Wall
From the album "The Rodent's Apprentice"
2 Guitars, 1 acoustic 1 electric, both play same thing 
standard tuning
NOTE: The strum pattern on this song is an odd but simple one. Strum
down once on each chord and mute it immediately afterwards so as
to not let the note ring.

Main Riff
A7 Em A7 Em A7 Em E Em (Played through all verses and the chorus)
Bridge Riff
(D7 C7 A7 Em A7 Em)x3 D7 C7 A7 Em A7 Em A7 Em E Em
Verse 1
There's a man who nobody wants but he rolls on anyway
drunken by night he's lonely by day and he'll be lonely till the
end of his days
He's a Rodent's Apprentice, they say

Verse 2
He doesn't like the road that he walks but he rolls on anyway
Nobody listens when they hear him talk he's got nothing worth
while to say
(Repeat Chorus)

He took a long turn somwhere down that road,
Now he's got to walk that road alone,
He is walking blindly down that road,
Now he's got to walk that road alone

Repeat First Verse and Chorus
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