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Parklife album
de Blur
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Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 11:21:59 -0300 (BST)
From: Lester Stype <>

Parklife by Blur: The entire tab of the entire album by Lester Stype ( Copied directly from the CD booklet. Any mistakes are due to me, but essentially it's OK I think.


(One chord sequence throughout= Gm C F Eb F#/F)

Streets like a jungle

So call the police

Following the herd

Down to Greece

on holiday

Love in the 90's 

Is paranoid

On sunny beaches 

Take your chances, looking for





Avoiding all work

Cos there's none available

Like battery thinkers

Count their thoughts on 1 2 3 4 5 fingers

Nothing is wasted

Only reproduced

You get nasty blisters

Du bist sehr schon

But we haven't been introduced


Gm7     A	  Gm7	A
(Tracy Jacks) works in civil service
Gm7     A	  Gm7	A
(Tracy Jacks) its steady employment
B          A	  B  	A
(Tracy Jacks) is a golfing fanatic
B          A	  B       	A
(Tracy Jacks) But his put is erratic
Gm7     A	  Gm7		A
(Tracy Jacks) saw a Harley Street Doctor
Gm7     A	  Gm7		   A
(Tracy Jacks) who prescribed healthy living
B          A	  B  	         A
(Tracy Jacks) he's getting past forty
B          A	  B  	
(Tracy Jacks) and all the seams are splitting

G		B
Everyday he got closer
B		                E
He knew in his heart he was over
	       F#m	         B	
Saying I'd love to stay here and be normal
But its just so overrated

Gm7     A	  Gm7		A
(Tracy Jacks) left home without warning
Gm7     A	  Gm7         A
(Tracy Jacks) at five in the morning
B          A	  B  	                   A
(Tracy Jacks) got on the first train to Walton
B          A	  B       	  A
(Tracy Jacks) stood on the sea front laughing
Gm7     A	  Gm7             A
(Tracy Jacks) ran up and down naked
Gm7     A	  Gm7                A
(Tracy Jacks) got stopped by the police
B          A	  B  	         A
(Tracy Jacks) driven back to London

G#m			    A	      B 		
And then it happened on a Tuesday morning
G#m		        A             	       B 		
Tracy Jacks bulldozed down the house he lived in 
Saying its just so overrated


G               Gmaj7
Ants in the carpet
Em             Em/D
Dirty little monsters
Eb                      D	
Eating all the morsels
Bm                     C	
Picking up the rubbish
G               Gmaj7
Give her effervescence
        Em	              Em/D
She needs a little sparkle
Eb	           D
Good morning TV
             Bm 	   C	
You're looking so healthy

We all say
Don't want to be alone
We wear the same clothes 
'Cos we feel the same
We kiss with dry lips
D                             C	
When we say goodnight
End of the century......its nothing special

G            Gmaj7
Sex on the TV
Em              Em/D		
Everybody's at it
Eb                            D
And the mind gets dirty
Bm                           C
When you get clo	ser to thirty
G               Gmaj7
Gives her a cuddle
Em                          Em/D			
They're glowing in a huddle
Eb               D	
Good night TV
You're all made up

And you're looking like me


G	F    G   F   G    F     G
Can you eat her yes you can

PARKLIFE The E etc. in this =12th fret (brush up on those barre chords!!)

E					       Esus4	   E	
Confidence is the preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as 
E							   Esus4		
And morning setup can be avoided if you take a route straight through 
E			Esus4
what is known as (Parklife)
E							    Esus4	 
John's got brewer's droop he gets intimidated by the dirty pigeons they 
E		    Esus4
love a bit of it (Parklife)
E			 	       Esus4			 
Who's that gut lord should cut down on your porklife 
E		Esus4
mate...get some exercise

E     Bb    B
All  the people
E     C        B
So many people
G	Em	  D
They all go hand in hand
C		     Asus4   A  Bb7  B7
Hand in hand throught their parklife

(Verse 2: Same chords as verse 1)
I get up when I want, except on Wednesdays when I get rudely awaken by the 
I put my trousers on, have a cup of tea, and I think about leaving the 
I feed the pigeons, I sometimes feed the sparrows too it gives me a feeling of 
enormous well being
And then I'm happy of rht rest of the day safe in the knowledge there will 
always be a bit of my heart devoted to it


It's got nothing to do with your Vorsprung Durch Technic you know
And it's got nothing to do with you joggers who go round and round and round


G                  C                            G
So far we've not really stayed in touch
C                      Bb9                   C	             G	
Well I knew as much, it's no surprise that today
       C                  G    C                    Bb9
I'll get up round two, with nothing to do
C                           Am	
Except get a touch of flu

	   Am			D	
And I might as well just grin and bear it
              C		                  A	
'Cos its not worth the trouble of an argument
            Am                         D	
And in any case I'd rather wear it
                   C                         A	
Your like a bad head in the morning

And I know......

Mid 8:
Am	Em	Am
Am	Em	  C   (D)


A                             G
Grandma has new dentures
       A                     G	
To eat the crust of pizza
           A                        G
Been taken out by her daughter 
A	                            G
Because she thought she ought'a
        A                       G
The kids are eating snickers
A                               G
Because they're so delicious
A                              G
Then there's sticky fingers
A	                     G	 B    C
And mother loses her knickers

            Eb                Bb              C	
Bank holiday comes six times a year
                   Eb                      Bb             C
Days of enjoyment to which everybody cheers
            Eb                 Bb                     C	
Bank holiday comes with six pack of beer
                     C  Bb   G
......then its back to work A.G.A.I.N.

A                     G
Bar-b-que is cooking
A                     G
Sausages and chicken
          A           G
The patio is buzzing
          A	                            G
The neighbours they are looking
A                         G
John is down the fun pub
A                         G
Drinking lots of lager
A                           G
Girls and boys are on the game
A                                    G    B    C
And all the high streets look the same



(A)A	F#m	B	B	D	C	B	E	B7

(B)E	E7	C#M/E	C	G	Em/B	C	A

B	E	B	E	B	E	E7

Repeat most of it again.
C                 Eb
I spy in the night sky don't I
C        Eb           C                   Eb
Phobe Io Elara Leda Callisto Sinope
C                   Eb                      F
Janus Dione Portia So many moons
Ab                Bb	    F     A               Bb    F 		 
Quiet in the sky at night Hot in the milky way
Eb    D	
Outside in 
C         Eb         C                 Eb	
Vega Capella Hadar Rigel Barnard's star
C               Eb                     C
Antares Aldebaran Altair Wolf 359
Eb                F
Betelgeuse sun sun sun
All those dirty words
They make us look so dumb
Been drinking far too much
And neither of us mean what we say

Gb   Ab
You and I
Gb	 Ab
Collapsed in love
          Dsus4 D                              E	
And it looks like we might have made it, 
          G9                   A
yes it looks like we made it to the end

What happened to us
Soon it will be gone forever
Infatuated only with ourselves
And neither of us can think straight anymore

Chorus X2

G     A               G            A
A malady has taken him over
G              A                G          A
Coughing tar in his Japanese motor
G	            A
The lights are magic
G                      A
And he's got money
G                  A
So he'll be lucky
G		   A
He'll shoot like an arrow

A Bm F#m
London loves
A Bm F#m
The mystery of a speeding car
A Bm F#m
London loves
A Bm F#m	F
The misery of a speeding heart

(G and A again)
It's Love-U-Like and everyone's at it
But words are cheap and his mind is elastic 
He loves the violence
Keeps ticking over
So sleep together
Before today is sold forever
A Bm F#m
London loves
A Bm F#m
The way people just fall apart
A Bm F#m
London loves
A Bm F#m              F
The misery of a speeding heart

(The rest of the song is just improvisation on this theme)

G                A                Db    Eb
I am the message centre
G        A      Db  Eb
Local and direct
G                              A        Db                                    Eb
Room to room an operator (no calls today dear, they'll just have to wait dear)
G            A                  Db                             Eb		
I call and I collect (so just strike him softly away from the body)
Bbm                        Dbm	         Abm               B	
You're made up too shiny today (in so much trouble)
Bbm                       Dbm            Abm               B	
Thoughts are just pissing away                 "
Bbm                     Dbm	         Abm	    B	
A new type face a new day                        "
Bbm                                 Dbm            Abm	    B	
You can't remember ten minutes ago.   
             E      F#	
It's too much trouble

Middle 8 up half a tone, so that's (Bm	  D	Am	C     x4) (then E	F#)


C#m           B                     A
I'm on the white cliffs of Dover
C#m	       E            A	
Thinking it over and over
C#m	 B	     A
But if I jump its all over 
C#m          E         A   B	
A cautionary tale for you

(Verse 2: Same chords)
I love to roll in the clover
With you over and over
On the white cliffs of Dover
And then I'd let you push me over

          C#m           B                 A     G#m         F#m(sus4) F#             B  C
And if that is the fact then in actual fact it's not where it's at and it's over

Verse 3: (Same chords)
And now the bluebirds are over
The white cliffs of Dover
So when you push me over
Don't bury me I'm not worth anything

C#    Bb                F#
Bill Barret has a simple dream
       C#     Bb        Eb	
He calls it his plan B
                    C#                    Bb               F#	
Where the buildings and the sky and the air is sugar free
G#                               G#7
And everyone is very friendly
C#   Bb	                F#
Plan B arrived on holiday
C#                           Bb        Eb	
Took a cab to the shopping malls
C#                           Bb                  F#		
Bought and ate until he could do neither anymore
G#                                            G#7
Then found love on channel forty-four

C#  B        A      F#m                            B
La la la la la he wants to go to Magic America
C#  B        A       F#m                           B              A  Ab        C#     Bb
La la la la la he'd like to live in Magic America with all the magic people

C#    Bb                    F#
Bill Barret sent his postcards home
C#     Bb              Eb		
To everyone he'd ever known - they read
C#             Bb                     F#	
Fifty nine cents gets you a good square meal
G#                             G#7
>From the people who care how you feel


Mid 8: C#7	B7	F#	G#m7  x3
Then C#7	B7	A7
A                        E
Jubilee slouches in the settee
           D                            F      G
He's losing all the will to move
A                         E
He's gone divvy, too much telly
D                                 F	                          G
He's watching twenty four hours of rubbish
A                        E                      D	
He's got butane, he's got plastic bags
                                        F         G
And his eyes are going square (oh yeah)
A                          E
He's no raver just anti social
D                           F             G
He's not going to cut his hair

D                                                                        E
He dresses one told him how to do it
E                                         A
He dresses incorrectly....seventeen he not mean enough
D                                                     E                  A		
He dresses to the girls but he's just too spotty
D                                     C                                  Bb              A
He dresses incorrectly....not keen on being like anyone else

(Verse 2: Same chords as Verse 1)
Jubilee's dad, Billy Banker
Thinks his son is aslob
Should get out more stop scabbing
He should go out and get a job

No, he just plays on his computer games (reprise)

E     Bm	        A   	     C#m 
And into the sea go pretty England and me
C		   Bm		    E
Around the Bay of Biscay and home for tea
Hit traffic on the Dogger Bank
A			       C#m
Up the Thames to find a taxi rank
C		Bm	     E	
Sail on by with the tide and fall asleep

And the radio says

E	  D
This is a low
E	Am  Bm
But it won't hurt you
E		     D   E	      Am	Bm	
When you're alone it will be there with you
C                       Bm7  E
Finding ways to stay solo

E			Bm
On the Tyne, Forth and Cromarty
A                              C#m
There is a low in the high Forties
	C                    Bm
And Saturdays locked away on the pier
Not fast enough dear
	Bm                  A
On the Malin Head, Blackpool looks black and red
	   C	                Bm
And the Queen she's gone round the bend
Jumped off Land's End

Chorus X2
Had a bit of trouble with the tab shift on my PC, so if any chords look out of place, that is why.

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