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TOP acordes y tablaturas de They might be giants

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Theyll need a crane
de They might be giants
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They'll Need a Crane by They Might Be Giants
[Convention: each chord is four beats/a full measure.  A dash indicates that
 the chord is held for another measure; two chords with a slash between
 them are held for two beats/half a measure each.]
|: Em                  Bm
     Love sees love's happiness
G           A                           D  - :|
  but happiness can't see that love is sad
sadness is hanging there
to show love somewhere something needs a change
they need a change
|:               D                     -
They'll need a crane, they'll need a crane
              D    /    A       G
to take the house he built for her apart
            F#m              -
to make it break it's gonna take
        F#m    /    G       A :|
a metal ball hung from a chain
they'll need a crane, they'll need a crane
to pick the broken ruins up again
to mend her heart, to help him start
to see a world apart from pain
Lad's gal is all he has
gal's gladness hangs upon the love of lad
some things gal says to lad
aren't mean't as bad but cause a little pain
they cause him pain
 Em                D            G                   A
Don't call me at work again, oh no the boss still hates me
           D                Em          G                   A
I'm just tired and I don't love you anymore and there's a restaurant
           Bm                  D                E             G
we should check out where the other nightmare people like to go
             D           G             D              A
I mean nice people baby wait I didn't mean to say nightmare
Lad looks at other gals
gal thinks Jim Beam is handsomer than lad - he isn't bad
call off the wedding band
nobody wants to hear that one again
play that again
|:               D                     - :|
They'll need a crane, they'll need a crane...
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