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Never let you down
de Verve pipe
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Never Let You Down 
by the Verve Pipe			tabbed by Pratheep Sevanthinathan

G   C         D      		G         
i'm trying to keep my feet on the ground

G   C		D            	 G
i'm getting to like this feeling i've found

G    C		Em
i'm getting to love the thought of 

	Am  C
having you around and

Bb   F     G
i will never let you down

Em                    A
your friends were all well-meaning

C                        G
when they said no one is good enough for you

Em                         A
but if they play with your emotions

dismiss the notion

and do what you have to do

Em                      A
cause people don't take chances with their hearts

Em			A
since i've met you i am past the hardest part

so remember one thing

Bb	F	G
i will never let you down

(Repeat Chorus)

Em                A
sometimes you feel defeated

but it's ok

you're not the only one

Em                A
and all the complications,

            C               G
the bad situations - happen to everyone

Em                A
it doesn't matter how it ended or began

Em                 A
sometimes the best that you can do is change your plans

i hope you understand that

Bb	F	G
i will never let you down

(Repeat Chorus)
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