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Scavenger type
de Nofx
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Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 22:11:06 +0000
From: Nick Lanham <>
Subject: TAB: Scavenger Type by Nofx

Song Name: Scavenger Type
Artist: Nofx
Tabbed by: Nick (
Album: Punk in Drublic

This is a pretty easy song to play. The only tricky part is the 
struming rhythm which is a kinda ska deal. It would be best if you 
listened to the album for the timing.

Intro is just D then:

 D                              F# 
King alone at the bottom of the hill
Our protaganist named Bill

Sets his sights on an anchor steam pond

D							F#																G
All he  Needs is thirteen quarters

																			D					F#   G
Congregated in his hat

D																								F#												G
A crow, a scavenger type, California redemption

																						D					F#															G
Provides him with his rent, room and board inside of,

												D									F#			G					D
a fifth, of comfort.

D																											F#																					G
As the wind, penetrates his bones his mind keeps focused

D														F#									G
Tidal waves of sound, catapulted from his horn

										D							F#			G				D
wail like lovers

D																								F#																						G
The coins don't drop, consistent, as does the mercury

																						D									F#																					G
his mean eyes slow realizing, a zenith he's reached perfection

no one did see him die.

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