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Tin soldier
de Small faces
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<title>tin soldier</title>
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tin soldier
small faces

E    G    D    A    E

E(riff 1)

E      G            D       A      E
------------3-------3-2----------- ---------- 
------------0-----------3---3-2--- ---------- 
--1-----------0---0-------------2- ----2---1- 
----2-----0-----0---0------------- ----2---2- 
------2---------------------0----- ------2--- 
0-------3------------------------- --0---0--- 

riff 2
E           G           D             A              E
im a little tin solder that wants to jump into your fire(riff 2)
i all need is your whispered hellos smiles melting  snow of daybreak

riff 2

E           G           D             A               C#m
you are a look in your eye a dream passing by in the sky(riff 2)
you eyes go deeper than time saying love that ~~~~~ without words 

pre chorus

D      F                    A                      F#m                   
i dont understand and all i need is treat me like a man 
so now ive lost way i need help to shoe me things to say

 D             A                    F#m    D  
cause i aint no child take me like i am
so give me your love before mine fades away


E        G      D         A                
i got to know i belong to you 
do anything that you  you want me to
ill sing any song that you want me to 
        D(to pre outro 2x)   C B
sing to you

E    G     A    G       
i dont need no confrontation
i just got to make you listen

pre outro
E          Dsus4 D Dsus2 D
oh yeah oh yeah

i just wont some reaction
someone to give me satisfacton
im about to ~~~~~
its writen with you
cause i love you


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