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Dont know why
de Misc artists
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Song written by Jesse Harris, performed by the lovely Norah Jones

Don't Know Why
1st verse:
B              E
I waited till I saw the sun

B        F#       E          B
I don't know why I didn't come

B              E
I left you by the house of fun

B       F#       E           B
I don't know why I didn't come... I

B       F#       E           B
don't know why I didn't come...

2nd verse:
When I saw the break of day
I wished that I could fly away
Instead of kneeling in the sand
Catching teardrops in my hand


G#M          D#M        C#M
My Heart is drenched in wine

G#M          D#M      C#M7         F#
But you'll be on my mind       ...Forever

3rd verse:
Out across the endless sea
I would die in esctasy
But I'll be a bag of bones
Driving down the road alone

(bridge again)

4th verse:
Something has to make you run
I don't know why I didn't come
I feel as empty as a drum
I don't why I didn't come(3x and fade..)

**note: if this feels like the wrong key to sing it in just transpose song up a half step to C if needed. so it would be C  F  G  C, bridge Am Em Dm, G, etc.

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