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Midnight in chelsea
de Bon jovi
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Date: 24th Jun 1997           
TABS: Midnight in Chelsea
performed by Jon Bon Jovi

transcribed by Aaron Gan <>

F1  x33011
F2  x33211
Bb  113331
G   3x0033
C   x32010

Intro: F1 F2 F1 F2 Bb     G     C
   Hammer the 3rd string 2nd fret

F1                        F2
The kids 'round here look just like sticks,

F1                         F2
They trade old licks with a beat up six,

I smile and catch the groove,

Gothic girls all dress in black, Serious as heart attacks,

It takes a little bit of getting used to,

F1                   F2
The old man with the whiskey stains,

F1                    F2
Lost the night forgot his name,

His poor wife will sleep alone again,

And it ain't hard to understand,

Why she's holding on to her own hand,

			  F1        F2
It's midnight in Chelsea  sha la la la 

Midnight in Chelsea sha la la la

No one's asking me for favours, No one's looking for a saviour,

They're too busy saving me

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