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Say It Isnt So
de Bon Jovi
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Say it isn't so

G5- X X 5 7 X XDadd11-  X 5 4 O X X       Em7-  X X O O O O 
D5- X 5 7 X X XD/F - X X 4 7 X X       Em6-  X 4 X O O O
C5-  X 3 5 X X XE5-   X X 2 4 X X
D-  X  X X 7 7 XAm/G-  3 X 2 2 1 O

Cadd-  X 3 2 O 3 OCm- X 3 5 5 4 3 
C*-  X X X 5 5 XEm-  X X 2 O O O
Am- X O 2 2 OEm ( maj7 )-  X X 1 O O O

There are 2 guitar parts for this song as Richie Plays most of it Jon comes in s


Guitar 2 G5D5C5

Guitar 1(tab) ------------------------------------------------------------------

Guitar 2G5D             Cadd9

Guitar 1 (tab )----------------------------------------------------------------0

Verse 1

           G5D             C*            
I just can't believe, it was all a lie, 

              G5D             C*                         
no man in the moon,just a bright light in the sky,

G5D             C*                                C
I hear Disney land,might loose mickey mouse,

                Am                                                  C
In some giant hostile corp-rate shakeing  tell me it's a night mare please wake 

G5D             C*            

Verse 2 ( same chords as V1 )

I found a book of matches, to a place we've never been,
How come you hang the phone up, the minute I walk in,
Last night I had this dream Iwas loosing you,
I woke up in cold sweat shaking first degree my heart is breaking


Dadd11             G5                                              D/F
Say it isn't so                ( tell me its not true )

                     E5                                                    C5  
Say it isn't so                  ( I believe in you )

                       Am                                                    Am/
Tell me it's a lie                ( I don't need no proof )

         C5                 Cm
Say every thing's alright                        ( say it isn't so )


Verse 2 ( same chords as previous verses )

Super man don't fly they did all with strings
Elvis Presley died they deep fried the king
And some tacky cheesy bathing beauty
Dancing on the beach in a bad b movie

Chorus ( same chords )




Chorus until end

(That little flick that Richie does when it all goes quite goes like this)


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