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de Chapin harry
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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 12:20:57, -0500
Subject: copper_by_harry_chapin

album: Legends of the Lost and Found
song: Copper
artist: Harry Chapin
transcribed: Ken Reynolds

Please enjoy the following Harry Chapin selection.

Harry Chapin       (klr)

[D]   [G]   [D]   [G]
If you were [D] looking for a way to [G] get me mad 
It was a [D] sure fire way you [G] found
[D] Acting like a [G] half-wit fool, [A] laying your money [A7] 
Well, I  [D] came back to [G] tell you Lou,
^bout [D] what you almost [G] did
Don^t you [A] ever put the cash on the [C] counter, Lou, 
[F] when I^m [C] with my [G] kid

Yeah, the [D] kid^s 13, he^s [G] growin^ Lou, two years 
And [D] he^ll be bigger than [G] me
Still he [D] think^s I^m strong as a [G] blacksmith and
[A] straighter than the tall oak [A7] tree
I [D] raised him alone ten [G] years now, 
since his [D] momma ran [G] away
Well, you [A] ain^t gonna blow his [C] image of me
With a [F] stunt like you [C] pulled [G] today

[G] They took the copper right outta the penny, Lou
They got the [D] pig locked up in the pen
But you^re [E] in big trouble with me, yes, you
If you [A] ever do that [A7] again
Ten [D] bucks a week [D7] protection 
don^t [G]mean I can^t knock you [E] down
You got to [D] treat me [D/c#] like a [D/b] livin^ [D] saint, Lou
[G] Whenever my [G/f#]son^s [D] around
[D]   [G]   [D]   [G]

Yeah, the [D] kid wants to be a [G] policeman, [D] just like [G] me
You [D] know he^ll be a [G] good one, 
the [A] way I started out to [A7] be
And he [D] just might end up [G] police chief,
Now [D ]wouldn^t that be something to [G] see
^Cause then the [A] kid would kick right-[C] off the force
All the [F] two-bit [C] grifters like [G] me  (chorus)

I guess it [D] was when my [G] old lady left me and
She [D] took off with a saleman [G] guy
I [D] started to see things [G] differently,
cut your [A] own slice outta the [A7] pie
Yeah, I [D] grew up and it came [G] clear to me, 
all the [D] smart cops on the [G] make
You get a [A] silver badge not an [C] old tin star
[F] when you^re [C] on the [G] take

[G] It^s pimps and whores, punk gang wars,
[D] Robberies and homicides [Bm]
When you [E] walk the beat with the creeps on the street
Well, there [A] ain^t no where to [A7] hide
I spent [D] half my life [D7] without no wife
Ridin^ [G] heard on the scum of the [E] earth
I learned the [D] tricks of 
the [D/c#] trade from the [D/b] gutter [D] parade
And then I [G] prayed for [G/f#] all I^m [D] worth
[D]   [G]   [D]   [G]

Don^t you [D] know I appreciate the [G] money Lou,
[D] Cause it all goes into the [G] bank
And when I [D] send my kid to [G] college some day
He^ll have [A] guys like you to [A7] thank
Yeah, [D] ten bucks a week on your [G] grocery store
Means you [D] don^t have to worry ^bout [G] crime
But [A] hold your money when the [C] kids with me,
You can [F] pay me [C] double next [G] time  (chorus)

Enjoy all.
Ken Reynolds
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