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Stuck in the 90s
de Moxy fruvous
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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 11:59:40 -0800
From: Adam Gaverluk <>
Subject: CDR:stuck_in_the_90's.crd by Moxy Frovous

Stuck in the 90's

Written and recorded by Moxy Fruvous
>From the album "Bargainville" (WEA CD-93134, 1993)
Transcribed by Adam Gaverluk (

Capo 2nd fret

Intro:C, Cmaj7 (4x)       Pre-chorus:Em, A (2x) 

Verse:C, Cmaj7 (4x)       Chorus:F, G, C
      Gsus4, G (2x)
      C, Cmaj7 (2x)       Bridge:Bb, G, F, G, Em, A, F, G, C


C          Cmaj7       C             Cmaj7
Clem had a daydream, a daydream from heaven

C           Cmaj7          C           Cmaj7   Gsus4 G Gsus4
Pick up the headlines, his country was made up of singers

G           C          Cmaj7      C      
And no more right-wingers....

Cmaj7           C             Cmaj7  C           Cmaj7
He wakes up to "homeless are stupid, welfare is stupid

C        Cmaj7       C         Cmaj7        Gsus4     G
Private investment, efficiency, cool fiscal planning"

Gsus4        G         Em    A
Sounds like more Pat Buchanan


Em                       A
Back in his day job this afternoon

Em                          A
Unlikely he'll move down to Cuba soon


  F                    G                  C 
Reluctant to find he's stuck in the 90's again

(Verse)repeat same as above
Clem reads of the old days, twenty years goes a long ways
"Challenge the system!" relating is easy on the demo
Now they'll send it by memo
Cause there's no need for the peace sign post-rep. peacetime
Join the parade wave the flag tell the world it's you lackey
Abbie Hoffman was wacky

Riding his bike to his foreign car
Burning his mind in his VCR

Reluctant to find he's stuck in the 90's again (2x)


And he's lost

          G                         F   
Don't you know what it's like to be lost

    G         Em           A
And older... "tears on his shoulder"

F            G          C    Cmaj7    C    Cmaj7
Real men are bolder....

Soon I'll be thirty I don't want to be thirty
I've got some big plans Goodwill has some big hands
With each new computer screen the world tells me I'm more green, buy a new Game-Boy for the fun and the fashion
Just for the passion

(Repeat pre-chorus and chorus as above)

F           G          Em         A
White lies, rich guys, hoarding a big prize

F         G        C
We've got work to do

F                      G                 C
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