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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Adams bryan

Little love
de Adams bryan
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  Date : Saturday, July 14, 2001

  If any errors or suggestions or improvements on this tab, please feel free to let me know. 

    Song   :  A Little Love
    Artist :  BRYAN ADAMS
    Album  :  MTV Unplugged 







   above sequence is being repeated a number of times throughout the song 
   and the same is connected to another sequence F as..........







   The song is pretty simple. Only basic chords are used like C, F, G....
   The song goes as under.

   A little love -- bryan adams

   Intro: *C*  (the sequence is repeated)

 *C*                                                               *C*
   some people walk the straight and narrow - some walk the rocky road 

 *C*                                                 *C*
   some get the silver spoon and some get the heavy load

              *F*                                          *F* 
   there's a man in a paper box he smiles whenever we walk by 

            *C*                                                           *C*
   we just walk a little faster and say "there but for the grace of God go i"

                 G                    Am  F             C F C         G        C
   but a little love - just a little love - a little    love    can change it all

 *C*                                                             *C*  
   i've been up and down this highway and i ain't seen a road sign yet 

 *C*                                                       *C*
   it's a cold hard world baby you gotta hang on to what you get

           *F*                                                          *F*
   well i don't believe in miracles but that don't mean they don't come true 

          *C*                                                        *C*
   well i may not get to heaven but i get a little closer when i'm with you

                 G                    Am  F             C F C         G        C
   but a little love - just a little love - a little    love    can change it all 

   well i get a little tired walkin' down the street

   people on my side - everyone i meet

   but they don't know what's on my mind 

   and they don't know that they might find

             G                    Am  F            C F C         G        C 
   a little love - just a little love - a little   love    can change it all 

 *C*                                                              *C* 
   right when you think you don't need love is when you need it most

 *C*                                              *C*
   if you got the father the son and the holy ghost

           *F*                                               *F*
   well there's more to truth baby than what we know is true

          *C*                                                                  *C*
   ya we wander round in the darkness but every now and then a little light shines thru 

                 G                    Am  F             C F C         G        C
   and a little love - just a little love - a little    love   can change it all 		

 Nishant Somani
 e-mail :
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