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Click go the shears
de Misc traditional
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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 10:22:29 +1000
From: Kevin Woodgate <>
Subject: m/misc_traditional/

>    Click Go The Shears         Australian Folk Song    
>Transcribed by K Woodgate
>Easy melody Version 
>The song can be found on records by the Bushwackers, Cobbers, William
>and many other Australian Folk records.
>  A                          D  A7   D    D                     G
>1                                Out on the board the old shear-er stands
>2                     In the middle of the floor in his cane bottom chair
>3                      The colonial experience man, he is there of course
>4                                  The tar-boy is there waiting in demand
>5                 Now the shearing is all over, we've all got our cheques
>6                      There we leave him standing shouting for all hands
>   D                            E7                A7    D 
>1 Grasp-ing his shears in his thin  bo - ny hands Fixed is his gaze on
>2 Sits the boss of the board with his eyes everywhere Notes well each fleece
>3 With his shiny leggin's on just got off his horse Gazes all around him like
>4 With his blackened tar-pot, in his tarry hand Spies one old sheep
>5 So roll up your swags and its off down the track the first pub we come
to its
>6 Whilst all around him every 'shouter' stands His eye is on the keg

>   G                 A7             D        A7      D
>1 a bare bel-lied yoe Glo-ry if he gets her, wont he make the ring-er go
>2 as it comes to the screen, Paying strict attention that it's taken off
>3 a real connoisseur Scented soap, and brilliantine and smelling like a whore
>4 with a cut upon its back Hears what he's waiting for it's "Tar here, Jack!"
>5 there well have a spree and everyone that comes along its Have a drink
>6 which now is lowering fast He works hard he drinks hard and goes to Hell
at last
>   A7                   D      A      D   G                       D
> Click go the shears boys click click click Wide is his blow and his hands
>   A        D                           G                        A7
>  quick The ring-er looks a-round and is beat-en by  a blow, And curs- 
>                                 D    A7      D
>   -es the old snag-ger with the bare bel-lied yoe
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