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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Dave matthews band

Too much
de Dave matthews band
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Title: Too Much
Artist: Dave Matthews Band
Album: Crash
Tuning: Standard EADGBe

This song isn’t too bad, there’s a great saxophone solo
 I couldn’t figure out, but most people won’t notice anyway, 
so I think its okay. There are really only two chords 
in this song; E and A. I got the intro riff from “Too Much” Bass Tab. I figured it would just be easier to put it in here too. And yes this is my first tab.

Intro: If you can play these as barre chords 
it sound good if you can’t, just play them as power chords or 
just play the E string.



Play E A (played like in Verse 1) a couple of times.

Verse 1:  E     02xxxx
	  A     x02xxx

E              A                         E      A                   E           A                    E               A
Straight in, suck up, and go, cool it, swallow, swallow. Breathe deep, take it all in it comes 


Then we continue with the rest of the lyrics for verse 1. All the timing is pretty easy to figure out even if you’ve never heard the song.

Chorus:   E 022100
	   A x02220

E       A
I eat too much.
E       A
I drink too much.
E       A
I want too much.
E       A
Too much.

Listen to the song for timing and order and you can go to a website
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