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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Gin blossoms

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Until i fall away
de Gin blossoms
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Subject: Corrected "Until I Fall Away"tab

This is a corrected version - I had to reformat the tab...
Here's my transcription of "Until I Fall Away" by the Gin Blossoms- I only
tabbed the intro and the solo.  The picking pattern is like the intro. When
 you do it, you can add parts of the chords that I left out.  Also, I think
that sometimes they play the chords in a different position, leaving the B
and high E strings ringing.  These chords are:
E Chord       A Chord        B Chord
e 0                0                    0
B 0               0                     0
G 9                6	              8
D 9	       7                    9
A 7                7                    9
E 0                5                    7

Intro:                         A                              E			   B				


                          C#m                       A  			

 E                 B

 C#m           A      E                     B                C#m

A         E                                B

C#m       A       E		  B
I want to tell if I am or I am not myself

     C#m	     A             E                          B
It's hard to know how far or if at all could go

             C#m     A         E                                 B
Waiting far too long for something I forgot was wrong

            A                              B
I don't know all the answers I think that I'll find

      E                        A                                          B
Or have it within the time   but it's all that I'll have in mind

   C#m        A              E                            B
Until I fall away  That won't keep us waiting long

   C#m        A                E                          B
Until I fall away  I don't know what to do anymore

   C#m        A
Until I fall away... etc.

Verse 2
My fear pretend that I'll never be in love again
It's real to me but not like these fools and not like this scene
I won't find or have it within the time
If it's all rusted and fade in the spot where we fell
Where I thought I'd left behind
It's loose now but we could try..
F#m  A
	When there's no good answers
F#m   B
	To those new questions
F#m   A
	Another personal disaster
B  B/A              B/G#m	    B/F#m
	There's nowhere to go but down...
Repeat chorus

I realize I've left out some of the fills and stuff, but this should be
enough for anyone who wants to
play it
Good luck and good playing!


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