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Jumping Someone Elses Train
de Cure
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From: (Mark Schnitzius)



Guitar 1 (chords): F#m A D  F#m A D  F#m A D C#m

Guitar 2 (tab):


Bm                   C#m                       F#m 
  Don't say what you mean you might spoil your face
                   A                         D
  If you walk in a crowd you won't leave any trace
  It's always the same
                         [Intro tab]
  You're jumping someone else's train

Bm                 C#m                   F#m
  It wont take you long to learn the new smile
               A                        D
  You have to adapt or you'll be out of style
  It's always the same
                          F#m A  D   F#m A D F#m A D C#m
  You're jumping someone else's train

D             E              Fm                   F#m
  If you pick up on it quick you can say you were there
   D                   E  Fm
  Again and again and again 
                         F#m  A  D     F#m A D F#m A D C#m
  You're jumping someone else's train

Bm                C#m                           F#m
  It's the latest wave that you've been craving for
            A                     D
  The old idea is getting such a bore
  Now you're back in line 
        Bm                      A
  Goin' not quite as far but in half the time
  Everyone's happy
              F#m             E
  And they're finally all the same  
                                       F#m  A  D    F#m A D F#m A D C#m
  coz' everyone is jumping everybody's else's train

From: oSKaR 

I think there is someone interested in Cure TABS
Please let me know which songs are you interested in
Some Riffs from :

the Cure: Jumping Someone else's train
--------  ============================
Intro is (2x)


This is the main riff


And this is some variation in the middle of the song


The chord progression is Bm C#m F#m A D C#m F#m A D

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