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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Dave Matthews Band

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Best Of Whats Around
de Dave Matthews Band
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From: (daniel ari green)
Subject: CRD:  Best of What's Around by Dave Matthews Band [correct]

i have added the full lyrics to this tab.  enjoy.

>The following is courtesy of

>Best of What's Around

>(from 7/6/93)
>         Hey            I see
>  Am                C         F       D triad
>d--------7---7-7 >-10---10----3-3-3--->12-12-12--12-12-------
>e--2 > 5--------------8-------1-1-1--->10-10-10--10-10-------

> care to share         your time with me

>  C     Am             F slide up D triad. (like above) and repeat
>e--------2 > 5-----------------------------------------------

>hey my friend, it seems your eyes are troubled.
>care to share your time with me
>would you say you're feeling low and so a good idea would be
>to get it off your mind

>Chorus 1
>  you & me  have       through
>   A   C#m    F#m    C3m  D       A    E       A

>see you and me have a better time than most can dream
>have it better than the best
>so can pull on through whatever tears at us whatever holds us down
>and if nothing can be done we'll make the best of what's around

>Chorus 2

>  turns out not where but who youre with that really matters
>   A    C#m      Bm                  G                (like intro)
>  and hurts not much when you're around

>Verse 2 (like verse 1)

>and if you hold on tight to what you think is your thing
>you may find you're missing all ther rest
>well she run up into the light surprised
>her arms are open her mind's eye

>Chorus 3

>seeing things from a better side than most can dream
>on a clearer road i feel oh you could say she's safe
>whatever tears at her whatever holds her down
>if if nothing can be done she'll make the best of what's around

>Chorus 4

>turns out not where but what you think that really matters


Chorus 2


>  "Hey la la la" is the same as chorus 1


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