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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Dave Matthews Band

Lover Lay Down
de Dave Matthews Band
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

From: (parker evan c)
Date:         28 Dec 95 23:41:37 

lover lay down
by the dave matthews band

transcribed by evan c. parker

as a result of my last posting of *say goodbye* i got a lovely little flame
from someone claiming they were from dave's front office, all pissy about
the details of the posting.  as i don't want to come across as a *loser poser*
as he pointed out that i most certainly did, let me make all the standard
disclaimers that i simply assumed last time.  (1) for those who were unaware
(?), dave plays live and his lyrics and tab changes by the evening.  this is
NOT the definitive version of the song.  (2) dave's great talent is in
improvisation, so play around with what you see below.  try open chords, try
standard chords, barre chords, pick parts, strum parts... anything.  chances
are he's played it that way at least one night.

(intro and verses)

    D/F#   G      A
d------0-5----5/7----7/7------7-------     <-- i saw it posted like
g------2/4----4/6----6/7------7-------         this on one of the dmb
b-------------------------------------         websites. this is much easier
e-------------------------------------         to play, but i prefer the
                                               second version... as it has
    D/F#   G      A       Bm                   a much fuller sound.
e---2------3------5-------5/7-----5---                   |
a--------5----5/7----7--------9---7---                   |
d--------5----5/7----7--------9---7---     <-------------+

spring sweet rhythm dance in my head
slip into my lover's hands
kiss me won't you kiss me now
and sleep i would inside yoru mouth
don't be us too shy
knowing it's no big surprise
that i will wait for you
i will wait for no one but you


    A   E/G#  G    Bm - A

oh please lover lay down
spend this time with me
together share this smile
lover lay down
spend this time with me

(return to verses)

walk with me, walk with you
hold my hands your hands
so much we have dreamed
and you were so much younger
hard to explain that we are stronger

(return to chorus)

a million reasons life to deny
let's toss them away
see you and me we
lay down look see
she and he
by my lover's side
together share this smile
each other's tears to cry
together share this smile
lover lay down
oh please oh please
please lover lay down
oh please lover lay down
and you weep lover lay down
cause it's over lover lay down
say love, say love, say love, say love, say love
could i love you
could you love me
darling it's all the same
'til we dance away
chasing me all around
leading me all around
leading me all around in circles

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