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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Dave Matthews Band

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Satellite Live Intro
de Dave Matthews Band
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Befor you look at the tabs below and think im crazy listen.

Theres a million other tabs out there on this awsome song and 
you just happend to click on my version. I'm sure that other 
tabs are also correct in sound, but my tabulation is the 
way Dave plays it; with a larg and constant strech.
Go somewhere else to find the easy chorus.

Way to play:-You want to use you index finger (1) when 
             ever you play a sting on fret 4 and 5           
            -Use your middle finger (2) when ever you 
             play the a sting on the 6th fret
            -Use your little finger (4) when you want
             to play anywhere on the 8th fret
            -never use you ring finger(3) 

(I'd also recommend streching your hand befor you paly this)

E |---------------------------------------|
B |---------------------------------------|
G |---------------------------------------|
D |--------8-----6-----5------------------|
A |-----6-----4-----------------4--6-(4)--|
E |--4--------------8-----6--8------------|

Playing Tips:-keep your hand at a 5 freth reach
              4-8 (do the math thats 4 frets)
             -try to arch your hand in a rainbow
              over the neck (it improves reach)

Comments or other words of wisdom,

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