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TOP acordes y tablaturas de Dave Matthews Band

Two Step
de Dave Matthews Band
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: (interfaith council)
Date:         21 Jan 96 23:41:18 
Subject:      dave matthews band: two step

two step
by dave matthews band

music transcribed by evan c. parker

lyric transcribed by christopher "kit" anderson

the music was taken off of a dave solo, so is a little different from
the version with the rest of the band... actually, i think the song
sounds better with just dave.  dave plays around with the chords,
filling them in here and there, and offsetting the notes... play with
it until it sounds good.

intro:        verse:
     Dm            Dm  Bb C   F  Bb  Am  C
B +------+    e +---------------------------+
B +------+    B +---------------------------+
G +--10--+    G +--10--7--9---2--7---5---9--+
B +------+    D +---------------------------+
B +------+    A +---------------------------+   <---+ this is played
E +--10--+    E +--10--6--8---1--6---5---8--+       | once through per
                                                    | paragraph below
                   Dm  Bb C   F  Bb  Am  Gm F  Bb Am Gm
              e +----------------------------------------+
              B +----------------------------------------+
              G +--10--7--9---2--7---5---3--2--7--5--3---+
              D +----------------------------------------+
              A +----------------------------------------+
              E +--10--6--8---1--6---5---3--1--6--5--3---+

hey, lover, came to you with best intentions
you, lay down, give to me just what i'm seeking
say love watch me now

you, and i, came to me like wine comes to
their mouths, grown tired of water all the time
oh quench my love, you quench my mouth

so, here my, do you believe that we might last a
thousand years, or more if thats for this our flesh and blood it ties
you and me ties us right up tie me now

     F    C    Gm     Bb Am               F   Bb   Am   Gm
e +-----------------------------+     +-------------------------+
B +-----------------------------+     +-------------------------+
G +----2----9----3-----7--5-----+     +----2----7----5----3-----+
D +-----------------------------+     +-------------------------+
A +-----------------------------+     +-------------------------+
E +--1----8----3-----6--5-------+ x4  +--1----6----5----3-------+

celebrate we will cause life is so much sweet for certain, hey
we come on two by two to be sure these days continue
things we can not change


you held me, you came to me with love life open
now, hold me, and this i must escape
or lately you gone lightly shall

you and i, needing every hour lead me back to you
and i, this i must admit how our shower falling grace
lead back up right up say we love



hey, lover, came to you with best intentions
you, lay down, and give to me just what I'm seeking
say love watch right up say lay


_____/  | +----------------------------------------------------------+
   o O ==|                                                          |
   (_._)  |                    interfaith council                    |
 _   u    8            of the college of william and mary            |
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