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de Small faces
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the universal

12 str
F#(riff 1)        F#(Riff 2)     A(riff 3)
5x                 1x
----------------- ------------- -----------------
----------------- ------------- -----------------
----------------- ------------- -----------------
----------------- ------------- -----------------
-------------0-0- ------------- -0-0-------------
-2-2-0-0-2-2----- -2-2-0-0-2-0- -----2-2-0-0-2-2-

There’s such a lot of good ways to be bad
    D					        A(riff 3)
And so many bad ways to be good haven’t paid my rent yet
B7                      E7                      A(riff 3)
I tell them sorry but I haven’t got the money anymore 

F#			                            B7              E7
Just for today I thought I’d leave home alone, hold hands with day
       D            		           A(riff 3)
And if I’m so bad, why don’t they take me away?

Just like what you hear with a shell pressed to your ear
           D			   D7                A(riff 3)
That’s the sea in the trees in the morning hello the universal
B7                       E7  	                A
Good morning Steve, well you won’t believe me today

F#                                                            B7            E7
Working doesn’t seem to be the perfect thing for me so I’ll continue to play
       D                                  A
And if I’m so bad why don’t they take me away? 

D, Dsus4, D, A, B7, E7, (A)

Well a hippy trippy name dropper came through my door
He said “I just bumped into Mick he told me you know where to score?”
       A          B7            E7               A
No not me friend, I mind my own and my own minds me 

F#                                       B7            E7
Well my love is at the foot of your hand come what may
      D                                           A
But if June comes first please won’t you take me away

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